4th Annual Anniversary Race

Our fourth annual Anniversary Race will be held December 10, 11 and 12th. Friday night we’ll be open from 3PM to 9PM for open practice and tuning. Saturday the doors open at 9AM for four rounds of qualifying. Sunday we’ll run single Mains for the lower Mains and double A-Mains.

We will be using AMB transponders for this event.

All RORC classes and rules apply except for spec tires. Due to a potential challenge of obtaining DE Racing Mini G6Ts we will open the tire rule up to any DE Racing tire mounted on Gambler rims.


The track is about 20 minutes from town. There are two small country store each about 10 minutes away for snacks.

The closest hotels are in Roseburg. The ones on Mulholland Dr, Edenbouer Blvd and Garden Valley Blvd are closest.

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