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Street Stocks

21.5 ROAR approved motor

1/10 buggy chassis

Spec Tires

360 Sprints

17..5 ROAR approved motor

Spec Tires

Midwest Modifieds

13.5 Roar approved motor

Spec tires

Buggy or Purpose built chassis

Open Late Model

Roar approved motor

Open tires

SC Modified

8.5 ROAR approved motor

Spec Tires

Short Course or Purpose built chassis

Super Stock Slash

Box Stock Traxxas Slash

Stock Car Body

Spec Tires

First, contact R.C. X-Treme LLC for all your tire needs.

For the 2023Winter/Spring indoor season we are allowing the spec tire classes to use DE brand tires that use DE Racing Gambler Late Model (1.7/2.2) wheels.

This list includes the spec tire we have used for several seasons, the Mini G6T. This tire is available in Clay, Soft and Super Soft compounds.

Racers can also choose DE Regulators both front and rear. This tire is only available on Soft and Super Soft compounds.

Outlaw Sprint front tires are also a good choice. They are available in all three compounds.

The Street Outlaw tires (slicks) are not allowed and probably wouldn’t work well anyway.

For SC Modifieds, racers can choose both the grooved and ungrooved versions of the G6T. The grooved tires are not available in clay compound.

The only tire conditioning products allowed at the track are WD-40 and a degreaser such as Simple Green.

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