Season Standings

Points are awarded for the Main Event finishing order. 25 points to the winner, 23 for the second place and so forth with an interval of 2 points until 5th place. After that there is an interval of one.

In addition, two points are awarded for Top Qualifier (TQ) and another two points are awarded for fastest recorded single lap. Bonus points are not included in Double Points Days calculations.

The driver must start the Main Event to earn points.

In addition to the individual class championships there will be two additional awards:

The Ironman award, which is simply the racer who enters the most races during the year. This is based on simple entries so it is not affected by a non start in the main event.

Grand Champion, which is best seven finishes on the double points days. This will be awarded during the last race of the season so does not include the season finale race.

Tie breaks are based on wins, podium finishes, # of TQs then finishing order on double points day.

RWUBs (run what you brung) are not included in the points totals.

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